Sunday, December 13, 2015

Grateful for Our New in November Missionaries

The first full day in the mission field for our new missionaries  
began with breakfast and orientation. By lunch, everyone was starving!
Following are photos from lunch.  

Gathering for testimony meeting.  During this meeting the new
elders and sisters were introduced, met their companions,
and shared their first testimonies in the mission field.  

 New Companionships (new missionary listed first):  

Elder Lewis (R) and Elder Ferrin 

Sister Tobler (L) and Sister Bjork

Elder White (L) and Elder Jones

Sister Haughawout (R) and Sister McCullock

Sister Roberts (L) and Sister Turner

Elder Pennington (R) and Elder Heelis

Sister Brown (L) and Sister Fabian

 Sister Reed (R)  and Sister Petersen

Elder Spittle (L) and Elder Sy

Elder Langley (L) and Elder Olsen

Elder Parson (L) and Elder Wilkes 

Elder Anderson (R) and Elder Mercado

Elder Corbridge (L) and Elder Wesche

Elder Walker (L) and Elder Cornaby

Elder Whiting (R) and Elder Benson 

These new missionaries come from North Carolina, Utah, 
Texas, Washington, Tennessee, Idaho, and Iowa

Welcome to California!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

With a Spirit of Gratitude

"Our service began and ends in a spirit of gratitude."
These words, spoken by one of the elders, summed up the feelings of the nine
elders and sisters who completed their missions in November.  

Checking flight plans and luggage weights.

 Just starting dinner.

Elder Noorda where are you? 

A remarkable group of elders and sisters!

Just after testimony meeting... who's ready for dessert?

With only two sisters in the outgoing group, 
Hermanas Castrillon and Spencer
gathered the senior sisters for a group picture.

Visiting with President Mullen after everyone else left.

Tuesday morning... one more picture before heading to the 
airport.  This is how they'll look to greet their families.