Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Flurry of New Missionaries

Four days after Christmas it was warm and sunny here, but a flurry
of new missionaries still managed to arrive.  They couldn't believe
the weather!  Except for those arriving from the Mexico MTC, 
Riverside looked nothing like the places they had just left!

They arrived at the mission home, 
experienced their first California earthquake,
had dinner, began training, then got a much needed night's rest.
(By the way, the last incoming group also experienced an
earthquake during their first evening at the mission home.)

The next morning everyone arrived at the mission office for
breakfast and a morning of training.  

After training, everyone was ready for lunch. 

In the afternoon we had a meeting to get acquainted with 
the new missionaries, hear their testimonies, and introduce
them to their new companions. 

Here are the new California Riverside Missionaries
and their companions.  

Elder Doi (R) and his companion Elder Jukes. 

Elder Bee (L) and his companion Elder Beck. 

Sister Godoy (R) and her companion Sister Cramer.

Sister Jensen (L) and her companion Sister Simpson. 

Elder Peterson (R) and his companion Elder Chapman.

Elder Simpson (L) and his companion Elder Frost.

Sister Stone (R) and her companion Sister Burris. 

Elder Gulbranson (R) and his companion Elder Wood. 

Elder Thacker (R) and his companion Elder Schlueter.  

Sister Willis (R) and her companion Sister McGuire. 

In December we also had three new senior couples arrive: 

Elder and Sister Hall. 

Elder and Sister Heaton.

Sister and Elder Jensen (center) with (from left to right)
Elder and Sister Reed, Sister and Elder Just, 
the Jensens, Sister and Elder Puskas, 
Sister and President Mullen.

Welcome to the Work!

Christmas at the Riverside

December is a flurry of activity wherever one is in December.  
The mission was no exception.  Probably the most busy person 
was Sister Just who logged in every package that arrived and 
then found a way to Tetras them in to the back part of the office
to await the time that they would be delivered 
to anxious elders and sisters.  

Sister Just and an average day's delivery.  

Sister Just and the packages delivered on December 21!

The temptation to examine and shake packages was strong...

One side of the storage area.

Packages on the opposite side.  We'll never know just how 
Sister Just got them all tucked into the space available!

We held two Christmas Conferences, half the mission
on the 22nd of December and the other half on the 23rd.  
The day began with a Christmas devotional in the chapel.  
There were special musical numbers, a discussion of the Savior's
life as we had read it together in the Book of John during December,
and time for a testimony meeting centered on the Savior.   

Following the meeting in the chapel we watched a video collection
of pictures from around the mission and had brunch.  

Of course Christmas means baking.  Sister Puskas, Sister Just and
Sister Mullen baked up some pluck cakes for Christmas brunch.

The cakes showed up on the table the next day along with
a bacon, egg and cheese soufflé and giant fruit salads.

It was great to see happy faces as everyone
enjoyed sharing a meal together.  

Then it was time to go back to work... oh wait!  Presents!  

Wonderful days spent with wonderful missionaries!