Monday, August 17, 2015

Mission Leadership Council - August 2015

This group of missionaries but in many hours helping to train
and support their fellow missionaries.  In addition they are 
hardworking elders and sisters with their own areas to 
serve, investigators to teach, new members to reach out to, and 
ward members to work with.  We really appreciate all they 
do to contribute to the success of the California Riverside Mission.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

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Once a year the Lake Elsinor Storm baseball team hosts 
Stormin' Mormon Night
As a country western version of 
"I Hope They Call Me on a Mission"
played over the loud speaker, a couple of dozen missionaries 
took the field at the beginning of the game. Elder Fisher talked 
with the fans about what missionaries do each day and 
why they are in the area serving. 

This is Thunder, the Storm's mascot.  For Stormin' Mormon
night he is Elder Thunder.  (Under his green fur he is 
a returned missionary himself.)

Section 114 was a sea of white and undoubtedly the most
enthusiastic section in the ballpark.  

Thunder dropped by to visit the missionaries.  Later in the evening
while the loudspeaker played "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree"
he tossed large cups of popcorn down to them from the balcony!

After the fifth inning the missionaries took trash bags throughout
the park to help collect trash and have a chance to meet the 
community members who had come to the game.  

As the game went on the sky put on its own show.  It was a 
beautiful night for a ballgame.  

Trainer / Trainee Meeting, August 2015

About three weeks after missionaries arrive in the field they gather 
with the missionaries who are helping to train them for a 
Trainer / Trainee meeting.  It is a time for instruction, but 
also reunion as the new missionaries get to see those they 
came with to the mission.  

Before the meeting begins everyone enjoys breakfast and compares
their experiences during the first three weeks of mission life.  

Trainers are glad to see each other too.  Elders Jensen and Muir.
Elder Tui'one peeks over the top.  

The new hermanas and their compneras.

Elders Moss, Frost and Olsen, three new elders. 

Elders Uasike, Folau and Tui'one, three well experienced trainers.  

Mt. Rubidoux and Moreno Valley Zones

Moreno Valley Zone - July 2015

Mt. Rubidoux Zone - July 2015

Elder Dall with Elders Anderson and Fisher.  

There's a story in these faces...

They were helping to clear centerpieces, but it made a nice photo.

Elder Catchetoorian and Elder Glausi.  

When the camera comes out people start to gather...

and gather...

until the gang's all here.  

Every zone conference lunch is prepared by sisters from a Stake
Relief Society who give their time and effort to see that 
our elders and sisters are fed so they can focus on their training.
Here are the sisters from the Riverside Stake.  

After lunch the elders and sisters say "thank you" by reciting in 
unison The Standard of Truth, followed by singing 
"The Armies of Helaman."  

Celebrating a birthday in the mission field:  
Elders Noorda and Reeve.  

Menifee and Lake Elsinor Zones

 Menifee Zone

Lake Elsinor Zone

We had so much fun at lunch at this zone conference we thought 
we had better show that we worked first.  


We came back from the chapel session to heart leis on the tables. 

All smiles.  It's lunch.  

Glad to be together.

It was Elder Bly's birthday the very day of zone conference.
Sister Palmer baked up a ton of cookies in his honor.  

Here's what they looked like before the feasting began.   

Happy Birthday, Elder Bly!

We're having a luau.

Happy Birthday to All!

 Back to business, but the memories linger.  

Corona and Riverside Zone Conference

Riverside Zone

Corona Zone

Apologies from the staff!  The photographer really fell
down on the job.  We had a great group together, 
just not nearly enough pictures!

Happy Birthday to Elders Leininger and Delvecchio!

Hemet and San Jacinto Zone Conference

We celebrated Pioneer Day at zone conference.  A number 
of missionaries are pioneers in their family as 
converts to the gospel.  

Hemet Zone - July 2015

San Jacinto Zone - July 2015

A pioneer feast:  fried chicken, baked beans, bread
and homemade potato salad... plus a treat the
pioneers would not have had -- ice cream.  

Salt water taffy, another pioneer treat, was part of 
the amazing table decor.   

 Happy Birthday Elder Harmon, Sister Rutherford and Sister Olsen!

While we enjoyed the great decorations and food, 
we also learned together.