Monday, August 17, 2015

Trainer / Trainee Meeting, August 2015

About three weeks after missionaries arrive in the field they gather 
with the missionaries who are helping to train them for a 
Trainer / Trainee meeting.  It is a time for instruction, but 
also reunion as the new missionaries get to see those they 
came with to the mission.  

Before the meeting begins everyone enjoys breakfast and compares
their experiences during the first three weeks of mission life.  

Trainers are glad to see each other too.  Elders Jensen and Muir.
Elder Tui'one peeks over the top.  

The new hermanas and their compneras.

Elders Moss, Frost and Olsen, three new elders. 

Elders Uasike, Folau and Tui'one, three well experienced trainers.