Monday, August 17, 2015

Mt. Rubidoux and Moreno Valley Zones

Moreno Valley Zone - July 2015

Mt. Rubidoux Zone - July 2015

Elder Dall with Elders Anderson and Fisher.  

There's a story in these faces...

They were helping to clear centerpieces, but it made a nice photo.

Elder Catchetoorian and Elder Glausi.  

When the camera comes out people start to gather...

and gather...

until the gang's all here.  

Every zone conference lunch is prepared by sisters from a Stake
Relief Society who give their time and effort to see that 
our elders and sisters are fed so they can focus on their training.
Here are the sisters from the Riverside Stake.  

After lunch the elders and sisters say "thank you" by reciting in 
unison The Standard of Truth, followed by singing 
"The Armies of Helaman."  

Celebrating a birthday in the mission field:  
Elders Noorda and Reeve.