Sunday, February 26, 2017

A New Year, A New Group of Elders and Sisters

On January 17th the first group of missionaries in 
the new year arrived.  Here they are with their new companions!

Elder Crowther (L) from Virginia
and his companion, Elder Yeng. 

 Elder Geddes (R) from Idaho (waiting for a visa to Brazil)
and his companion, Elder Wood. 

  Sister Grover (R) from Utah 
and her companion, Sister Hernandes Sanchez. 

 Sister Hernandez from Texas
and her companion, Sister Tobler . 

Elder Mills from Utah (waiting for a visa to India)
and his companion, Elder Maughn. 

Elder Nelson from Utah
and his companion, Elder Zeng. 

Elder Rodriguez (R) from Georgia
and his companion Elder Spittle.

Sister Ruggles (R) from Colorado
and her companion, Sister Diamond.

Sister Wilson from Utah
and her companion, Sister Nai.  

Elder Jordan from Utah (waiting for a visa to India)
and his companion, Elder 

Elder Hardy from Utah (waiting for a visa to India)
and his companion, Elder Fairbanks.

A couple of weeks after arriving this group reunited for 
a Trainer/Trainee meeting.  

A little breakfast was the first order of the day. 

 There was time to visit and catch up on the experiences of 
these first weeks in the mission.  

Elder Paxton, the newest assistant to the president, and
Elder Jones helped welcome and train 
the new missionaries and trainers. 

Missionaries heading to India are not required to have 
suit jackets.  Sweaters are their dress clothes for the
time being.  

Following breakfast, the elders and sisters studied their 
scriptures to help them prepare for the trainings 
that were about to begin.  

This is a wonderful group of new missionaries!

Time Out of Line

My apologies to all for these next couple (maybe few) posts.  
I'm just trying to catch up so we can go forward.  Since 
I know most of you are just wanting to seeing the one dear
face you're looking for, I'm going to load the pictures so 
you can see them.  I repent and promise better things in coming weeks. 

These are photos from the February Zone Meetings 

Singing "We'll Bring the World His Truth"
to thank those who prepared lunch for the conference. 

 The stake that prepared lunch on Pres. Mullen's birthday
gave him brownies.  They knew the way to his heart.

Birthday missionaries. 

 Enjoying the day!

 Good to see each other!

Nice to visit while we wait for lunch. 

Thanking the sisters who prepared lunch. 

Birthday toothbrushes!

Working in groups during instruction.

Hard at work, but still a smile for the camera.

The Stake Relief Societies take good care of the missionaries!

After lunches and pictures and birthdays and thank you's it's still really all about the
work.  The elders and sisters are focused on learning during 
all they can during zone conference so they can serve well.   

Thursday, February 9, 2017

They Served with Heart

Elder and Sister Hall came all the way from Maryland
to serve.  Since Sister Hall learned Spanish on her first
mission the Halls were assigned to work in a Spanish
speaking ward.  They were also assigned to labor in an 
English ward!  In addition, they took on the duties of 
Housing Co-ordinators.  They kept the missionaries 
safely sheltered, handling everything
from locating and signing leases for new apartments to
reconditioning vacuum cleaners and eradicating bed bugs!
They willingly took on many other duties and served
selflessly and with joy and love.  We wish them well!

Sister Crippen served for five years as a mission nurse.  That
means she was available by phone 24/7 to missionaries who
needed medical help.  She located doctors, scheduled
appointments and surgeries and was at the bedside of
those who were hospitalized.  She even occasionally
nursed a missionary in her home!   But mostly she gave lots 
and lots of advice to missionaries helping them to know how 
they could care for themselves while they were ill or injured.
Many thanks to Sister Crippen for her kindness and care
to hundreds of elders and sisters.