Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Like the Stars

These new missionaries arrived just before Christmas bringing 
their light with them.  They came to share the good news of 
the gospel with the people of Riverside.  

Here they are, just arriving at the airport.
You can see the light in their faces.   

The first few moments of taking in this new place.

Lunch time so jackets are off.  The elders let the sisters go through
line first, so here they are waiting patiently.  

Generally, the morning at the MTC starts at 3:00 a.m.
There's no formal breakfast served at that time, so lunch
is a welcome sight!

After an afternoon of orientation and training, the new missionaries
and the elders and sisters who who will be training all gather.  
This is the time when everyone is introduced, hears about the 
mission and meets their new companion.  

This meeting is also the time when missionaries share their 
first testimony in the field.  It is a great time for those who 
have the privilege of hearing the witness of those 
who are newly arrived. 

It takes a huge amount of work to make all the arrangements
for an incoming group.  Housing needs to be arranged, welcome
packets sent out, MSF cards funded so the new missionaries
can buy groceries, driving licenses have to be reviewed and
bicycles assembled, the notebooks need to be prepared for 
orientation.  On the day of the arrival there are meals and 
interviews and orientations and trainers trained... the list
goes on and on.  These are the people who make it all happen.
It would never happen without them, but with them it all
goes forward seamlessly.  These are some of the angels round 
about to bear up these new missionaries to say nothing of their
mission president and his companion.  

Meet our new missionaries and their companions:  

 Elder Baum (R) 
and his companion, Elder White

Sister DiPietro (R)
and her companion, Sister Ogden

Sister Hernandez (L)
and her companion Sister Stone

Sister Harris (R)
and her companion, Sister Pielstick

Elder Kligge
and his companion, Elder Langley

Elder Sanchez 
and his companion, Elder Paxton

Elder Shurtleff (R) 
and his companion, Elder Carillo

Elder Williams (L) 
and his companion, Elder Porter

Welcome All!  
We're looking forward to serving with you.