Sunday, October 16, 2016

Another Bumper Crop

Fall is a time of harvest, and we have received
a big crop of new missionaries who are ready to 
harvest the fields that are white.  

Taco salad for 60 seems to stretch down a mile of tables.
Sister Malmberg is standing next to the almost 30 
pounds of taco meat she had prepared!

Getting acquainted.

Lots of new sisters... 

and elders.

There were so many missionaries we just 
tried to gather them into clumps for pictures!

Jackets off for lunch. 

Enjoying dinner together.

Gathered together for testimony meeting and the assigning 
of new companionships. 

Please meet the newest missionaries in the
California Riverside Mission.  

Elder Aland from Georgia.

Elder Eldridge from Utah.

Sister Greenhalgh from Utah. 

Sister Goodwine from Utah. 

Elder Goodrich from North Dakota. 

Elder Herald from Texas.

Elder Carrillo from Mexico. 

Sister Hernandez Sanchez from Tennessee. 

Elder Jensen from Utah. 

Elder Overman from Kansas.

Elder Ly from Utah. 

Elder Mueller from Ohio. 

Elder Phister from Wyoming. 

Elder Park from Idaho. 

Elder Osberg from Alberta. 

Elder Bailey from Tennessee.

Elder de Mare from Florida. 

Elder Yeaman from Washington.  

Elder Simpson from Utah.  

Sister Thomas from Georgia. 

Sister Wilde from Utah. 

Sister Woodyatt from Utah. 

Elder Dew from Utah. 

September Song

Our September song was 
"God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again"
as we bid farewell to so many elders and sisters
we have come to love so much.

Sister Emerson and Sister DaSilva visit before dinner. 

Turning in miracle stories and signing Pres. Mullen's scriptures. 

This happens about once a year... a perfect night
for outgoing dinner outside. 

Just before testimony meeting.

Elder Hale and Elder Hall visit after testimony meeting. 

After a good night's sleep (just kidding) everyone is 
kind of ready for breakfast:  French toast, 
sausage, orange juice and milk.

Elder Smith and Elder Hale sit close to the griddle... 
first dibs on the next slice.  Actually, not everyone fit
at the kitchen table so these elders offered to take the side seats.  

After one last prayer together it was time to load up the van...

and take one last picture together.  'Til we meet again.  

September MLC

There's a great camaraderie among members of 
Mission Leadership Council.  The elders and sisters
are devoted to their work, but since many of them were
leaving on this transfer, it seemed a nice time to show
not so much the work, but the heart behind this group.

Elder Sy and Elder Young training. 

As he was instructed to do in the MTC, 
Pres. Mullen teaches some aspect of the Doctrine of Christ
at every MLC, zone conference, and training. 

Instructing each other. 

After working, a few minutes to enjoy visiting together.