Sunday, October 16, 2016

September Song

Our September song was 
"God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again"
as we bid farewell to so many elders and sisters
we have come to love so much.

Sister Emerson and Sister DaSilva visit before dinner. 

Turning in miracle stories and signing Pres. Mullen's scriptures. 

This happens about once a year... a perfect night
for outgoing dinner outside. 

Just before testimony meeting.

Elder Hale and Elder Hall visit after testimony meeting. 

After a good night's sleep (just kidding) everyone is 
kind of ready for breakfast:  French toast, 
sausage, orange juice and milk.

Elder Smith and Elder Hale sit close to the griddle... 
first dibs on the next slice.  Actually, not everyone fit
at the kitchen table so these elders offered to take the side seats.  

After one last prayer together it was time to load up the van...

and take one last picture together.  'Til we meet again.