Sunday, May 15, 2016

"Spring"ing Into the Work

Spring seems like a good time to start something new,
even better to share something new.  These missionaries
arrived ready to share the good news of the gospel.
This is definitely the start of something big!

Elder Fairbanks was the first to arrive.  He had been
waiting in Canada for a visa.

Elder Andrew

Elder Craghead

Elder Maughn

Sister Nai

Elder Rasmussen

Companion pictures for this group have somehow gone missing!
Sister Bradshaw and Sister Nai were no surprise
as companions since Sister Nai was the only incoming sister.  


In this picture, Elder Andrew and Elder Craghead were still 
waiting to learn who their companions would be.  

Out Like Lambs?

March 29th saw four more missionaries depart for home
after honorably completing their missions.  Just as spring was beginning,
the first week of March started with the only real rain we saw all winter, 
so we the could say the month came in like a lion.  Did our missionaries
go like lambs?  Don't know about that, but rainbows appeared
in the sky the day they left... may these symbols of 
covenant show the determination of these missionaries 
to live true to all the covenants they have made and taught about.  
(Photo taken behind the mission office.)

Gathering at the beginning of the evening.  Wish we knew 
what story Sister Bjork is sharing.


Dishing up dinner. 

Just before testimony meeting.  

Two pictures of the same thing, but it took two 
to get a good picture of Sister Greef and Sister Bjork!

 Time for visiting after testimony meeting...

and taking just a few more pictures.
(Elder and Sister Just with Sister Rutherford.)

Ahhh!  Time for dessert!  Thanks Sister Malmberg.

This series of photos shows the animated memory 
sharing going on during dessert.  Even a plate in 
one hand can't slow the story!

Ready to head home on Tuesday morning.  We'd love
to have kept them all, but their families may 
not have liked the idea.  We wish Elder Frost, 
Sister Rutherford, Sister Greef and Sister Bjork well!
Always in our hearts and in our prayers...