Thursday, June 11, 2015

It's Sixes

Mission life runs in sixes... six weeks per companionship assignment, six weeks until the next outgoing group of missionaries heads home, six weeks until the arrival of a new group of missionaries... and, this time, six new missionaries!  Welcome to the Mission.

Sister Parker (center) from Alpine, Utah
and her companions, Sister DaSilva and Sister Asiata.

 Sister Buhler (left) from Salt Lake City, Utah 
and her companion, Sister Simpson.

Elder Dall (right) from Sandy, Utah 
and his companion, Elder Petersen. 

 Sister Garlitz (left) from Mapleton, Utah
and her companion, Sister Palmer

Sister Meza (left) from Lake in the Hills, Illinois
and her companion, Sister Olsen 

 Sister Madrid (left) from Salt Lake City, Utah
and her companion, Sister Rasmussen

 Sister Puskas helps our new missionaries
get oriented to mission life.

After arising at 2 AM, staying awake, even for important
information, becomes a real challenge!