Sunday, July 5, 2015

Celebrating the 4th of July!

Begin with a flag raising.  Add a pancake breakfast with stacks of hotcakes and sausage.  Mix in patriotic music performed by talented musicians.  For fun add an antique car show.  Stir in lots of members, investigators and neighbors to celebrate.  Later in the day add more good food with members and top with zone activities to end the day.  It was a delicious July 4th here in the California Riverside Mission.

Sister Garlitz and Sister Palmer ready to enjoy breakfast.

Elders Anderson and Fisher sit with a part member
family they have been teaching.  Pres. Mullen joins them.

Elder Giguiere and Elder Felix celebrating with lots of
members of the Jarupa Stake.  

A band of brothers:  Pres. Mullen, Elder Bangerter, Elder Luedke, 
Elder Blackburn, Elder Rampton, and Elder Felix.

Check out those patriotic ties!  
Elder Giguiere, Elder Dayley, Elder Wilkes, 
Elder Bushman, Elder Fisher and Elder Anderson.  

Elder Zeng is from China.  Elders Merriman, Dyer and Murray
made sure his first 4th of July was great!  

The Jarupa Stake fielded a great band.  They played the marches
of each of the branches of the military and invited those
who had served in those branches to stand while their song
was played.  Most who stood were elderly and rose with difficulty
but still stood with great pride.  We had a chance to thank them.

This was a talented group made up of musicians of all ages.  They really
contributed to the celebratory mood of the morning with their music.

Many people who attended the breakfast were investigators.
The stake had also handed out 700 fliers to neighbors
of the stake center.  Sister Madrid and Sister Rasmussen
with an investigator friend they invited.  

Sister Sterner and Sister Cuzzins visit with stake members.

The antique car show brought many members of the community
to show off their autos.  They had great stories to tell
about their cars.  This car was a 1957 Ford with a pristine
white interior with yellow piping.  The gold scarf hung from
the rearview mirror was once worn by Elvis.  

Hermana Vorkink and Hermana Carlson 
dressed in the colors of the day.

Elders Murray and Dyer with two of their investigators.

Neighborhood guests and Elder Catchatoorian, Elder Perez 
and Brother Alec Brown (who was serving a mini mission). 

Of course we all tried to pretend the kids were having the 
most fun.  They loved the old cars.  For the senior 
missionaries most of the cars didn't seem that old.  
We remember when they were the latest models!  
None of us remembered riding around in one like this though! 

Hey guys... will you be missionaries one day?