Sunday, September 27, 2015

August MLC and Pizza Casserole

Every Mission Leader Council meeting is pretty much the same.  
There is instruction from President Mullen

Training by Assistants.

A group photo. 

 (Yes, this post should have come before the last one.  Sister 
Duvall helped us with lunches many times, but she did 
not return from Wyoming to help with this one!  Still fun 
to see her though!)

The adventure for the day came after everything was ready for 
lunch, but the huge flying saucer pizzas we usually have 
had not arrived.  They were late at the restaurant!  
Hurrying to get back with very hot pizza
one of our pizza delivery elders tripped and two of the four 
flying saucer pizzas went flying!  Instant pizza casserole...

We had a choice... eat two whole pizzas or two whole and 
two scrambled pizzas.  What do you think we did?!!