Sunday, March 27, 2016

Just Checking In

About three weeks after they arrive in the field, 
new missionaries and their companions gather
for the Trainer / Trainee Meeting.  It's a time for new 
missionaries who came together to see each other after
being scattered through the mission working in
their new assignments.  It's a time of training, but 
as often happens in the mission, it's  also a time to greet and eat.  

Sister Lineback and Sister Banks.  Three weeks
into their companionship, and they're already 
starting to look like each other!  

Look closely at this picture to see a very consistent
taste preference for Riverside Missionaries.  
We always have milk, but they always choose 
orange juice.  Is it loyalty to the most important
crop grown in Riverside?  
We're not sure what prompts the disappearance of 
the biscuits with honey butter, but they go as
quickly as the orange juice is drunk!

Breakfast is winding down.  Almost trim for training to begin.

Their comments in the meetings show that in only three weeks 
these new missionaries have grown a great deal and are well
on their way to becoming capable, diligent missionaries.