Friday, March 3, 2017

A New Year and a New Experiences Ahead

January 12 began a new tradition we wish we had done from
the beginning, going to the temple with outgoing missionaries.

Here are two pictures of that first visit.  Both are included 
because someone had their eyes closed in each of them.  It's
a group worth seeing twice, don't you think?!!

Here is the group of outing missionaries just prior to sharing 
their last testimonies as missionaries in the field.  

 Dessert always hits the spot.

Saying goodbye to mission friends.

After guests left, the group sat down for a last 
companion study session with President Mullen.

French toast and sausage,
a little milk and o.j. to tempt nervous missionaries
to eat breakfast the morning they departed.

Ready for going on to new adventures with
so many memories tucked safely in their hearts.