Sunday, June 4, 2017

Arriving in a Hurry

This group of missionaries arrived early at the airport,
so early, in fact, that the camera had not arrived. Hence,
there are no pictures of them coming down the escalator. 
They arrived though with suitcases, boxes and bikes!

Here they are ready to receive their companions and
share their first testimonies in the mission field.   

Our new missionaries and their companions:  

Sister Bartschi (R) from Nevada
and her companion, Sister Harris. 

 Elder Broadhead (L) from Utah
and his companion, Elder Jackson. 

 Sister Butler (L) from North Carolina
and her companion, Sister Wilde.

 Sister Lesser (R) from Australia by way of Utah
and her companion, Sister DiPietro. 

Sister Marshall (R) from Utah
and her companion, Sister Keith.  

 Elder Rollins (R) from Utah
with his companion, Elder Phister. 

Elder Roper (R) from Utah
and his companion, Elder Drebot.

Sister Rossignoli (L) from Pennsylvania
and her companion, Sister Diamond. 

Sister Troncoso (R) from Colorado
and her companion, Sister Rodriguez. 

As the day wound down it was time for dessert 
and getting acquainted.  

The assistants were with us all day, training the trainers, 
conducting meetings and keeping things on track.  
Elder Parson and Elder Anderson.  

 Sister Marshall is waiting for a visa and will be heading to 
Portugal, but we're glad to have her with us even for a short time.

 Sister Lesser has been called to serve in Taiwan.  Lucky for 
us her visa is a little slow in arriving.  

She who laughs last...  It was a great day!