Sunday, May 17, 2015

The First Two May Zone Conferences, and Trainer/Trainee Meeting

It's zone conference time again.  This past week we had two conferences. 

You'll notice in the zone photos everyone is holding a copy of the Book of Mormon.  All of us are reading and marking the Book of Mormon together during the next four months.  (We've decided to go slowly as the elders and sisters also have studying to do each day to prepare for investigator appointments.) We would like to invite family members to join with us!  You will need a fresh copy of the Book of Mormon and colored pencils.  Here is what we are marking:

  • Each reference to Jesus Christ (any of His names or pronouns referring to Him).
  • His words (spoken by Him or by prophets when they say, "Thus saith the Lord").
  • His attributes. 
  • The doctrines and principles contained in the Book of Mormon.  

At the bottom of the page count the total number of items referenced.  Everyone will mark their copy according to their own thoughts, but this experience should help us see how often the Savior is referenced and help us focus on the principles taught in this remarkable book of scripture.  We hope you will enjoy sharing your insights with your elder or sister over the next four months.  We've challenged missionaries who are going home during that time to continue reading and call us when they complete their reading!

Tuesday's Meeting

President Mullen and the elders and sisters discuss the New Testament 
reading we have just completed, Acts through Revelations.

Riverside Zone

Mt. Rubidoux Zone

Here's what we see when the above photos are being taken!

The stake Relief Societies prepare lunch for Zone Conferences.  Sister Connie Beyers should receive a medal of honor for her service in putting on this lunch.  She broke both her wrists during the Just Serve project a couple of weeks ago and had a cast on each as she and her committee prepared this meal!  We hope she's doing better soon.  Fortunately she had great helpers.  Thank you, sisters!

Ready... Set... Lunch!

Blurry Birthday Celebrants!

Thursday's Meeting

Hemet Zone

San Jacinto Zone

Looking back at the cameras...

Enjoying lunch... The sisters in Hemet always make this special for
the elders and sisters!

Happy Birthday to You!

Hard at work role playing.

In addition to Zone Conferences this week we held the Trainer/Trainee Meeting on Wednesday.  

These elders look like they are sneaking into breakfast early, but really they had just finished helping to set everything up.  Thanks, Elders Anderson, Lavender, Celeste and Glausi!

Trainer/Trainee meeting starts with breakfast.  It's an opportunity for new elders and sisters to see those they came with into the mission and to compare their experiences during the first few weeks.  

Elder Anderson and Elder McConkie training our newest missionaries.
The three missionaries who have been waiting for their visas will depart for Brazil the last week in May.  We wish they could stay but wish them the best in their new field of labor.