Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Work and the Glory

Every transfer (every six weeks), elders and sisters take on the added responsibility of leadership in our mission.  There's little "glory" that goes along with the titles of district leader, zone leader or sister training leader, but there is extra work and the opportunity to serve others.  On Tuesday this past week the zone leaders and sister training leaders spent a morning learning how to do weekly planning more effectively.  This session was taught by the assistants to the president, Elder McConkie and Elder Anderson. 

On Thursday the zone leaders and sister training leaders taught those in their zones the same things they had learned.  


These same missionaries spend hours making phone calls, going on exchanges and training other missionaries every week.  We really appreciate all that they do to help us and their fellow missionaries.  

The assistants to the president have many extra assignments and responsibilities.  This work not only lengthen their days, but shortens their nights.  Sunday evenings they are at the office calling all the zone leaders to collect information on the key indicators for every companionship in the mission.  When this photo was taken Elders McConkie and Anderson had already been at a long meeting to finalize plans for Mission Leadership Council.  Later in the week they will prepare for and then train at that meeting.    

It's a lot of work which they do effectively and efficiently, but they wouldn't be missionaries if they didn't goof off for the camera...

Every missionary in the California Riverside Mission works many hours every week.  Their goal is to invite others to come unto Christ, to serve God and to build up His kingdom on the earth.  The work and the glory.