Monday, November 9, 2015

New Missionaries in September 2015

A lot of work goes into getting a missionary ready to begin service:  missionary prep class, medical appointments, mission application, calling extended, setting apart, everything purchased at home that is then packed into a suitcase, bicycle chosen, shipped and assembled, orientation binder, food prepared...  Finally, everything is ready and waiting... all that's needed is a companion.

After a morning of orientation and interviews, 
getting acquainted over lunch.  

Almost ready for testimony meeting and receiving
new companions.

President Mullen, Elder Dyer and Elder Fisher.

 Sister Blanchard playing the prelude,
a new missionary already serving.  

Who is already sitting next to their new companion
but doesn't know it yet?

Meet the new companionships!

Elder Smith (r) from Spring Hope, North Carolina
and his companion, Elder Young

Sister Pielstick (l) from St. Augustine, Florida
and her companion, Sister Moore

Sister Blanchard (r) from Ft. Collins, Colorado
and her companion, Sister Meza

Elder Grandon (l) from Springfield, Missouri
and his companion, Elder Cornia 

Sister Lineback (l) from Overland Park, Kansas
and her companion, Sister DeSilva

 Sister Nielson (l) from West Valley City, Utah
and her companion, Sister Greeff

Sister Young (r) from Mayer Minnesota
and her companion Sister Parker

 Elder Porter from Riverdale, Utah
and his companion, Elder Page

 Sister Ogden (r) a from Plugerville, Texas
and her companion, Sister Roberts

Elder Luthy (l) from Sugar City, Idaho 
and his companion, Elder Golder

Elder Hagler (l) from West Valley, Utah
and his companion, Elder Thompson

 Elder Gossett (r) from Bozeman, Montana
and his companion, Elder Biegler

Ready to go!