Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ye Elders of Israel and Sister Lindsey!

Outgoing missionaries in September 2015

Sisters/Hermanas gathered for breakfast to honor Sister Lindsey as she
prepared to go home.  She had a big smile despite the brace
on her knee!

Because Sister Lindsey had already left, the outgoing group consisted entirely of elders!  They had served long and well.  It was a great evening with them as they met the last time together to share memories and testimonies.

Dinner together.

Elder Snyder, smiling despite the craziness going on behind
him!  Those headless guys?  Photoshopped out!  :)

Just before testimony meeting. 

Meeting with President Mullen

 Breakfast the next morning.  No one felt like eating...
but they did. 

Arrived as boys... going home as men.  

 Elder Pritchard and Elder Godfrey flew out very early.  
We wanted to remember them in the departing photo though 
so the elders had a "missing men" formation.

Just after prayer together.  Time to head for the cars, the airport
and HOME.  

At the airport with Elder Harmon.