Thursday, June 9, 2016

Good Things to Come

The first day in the mission there's a lot to absorb:
Orientation, driving records, interview with 
Pres. Mullen, so many new names and faces.  
All of it happens on very little sleep.  Every 
missionary has been through it, so they're glad 
to offer a smile and a few directions to help
new elders and sisters as they start out.  
  Below from left:  Sister Keith, Sister Blanchard, 
office elders, Elders Smith and Jewkes, 
Elder Foy and Sister Hall.  

 Sister Keith and Sister Blanchard. 

Elder Smith, Elder Jewkes and Elder Foy.  

Elders Mock and Sy, Assistants to the President, 
on either side of Sisters Banks and Diamond.  

Three new elders:  Elder Clark, Elder Mounts and Elder Patterson.  

Elder Parson, and Elder Jackson with newly arrived
Elder Brown (center).  

New Companions:  

Elder Brown from Arizona
with his companion, Elder Foy. 

Elder Clark from Missouri
with his companion Elder Uasike.

Sister Diamond (L) from Utah 
with her companion, Sister Banks.  

Sister Keith (L) from Ontario, Canada
with her companion, Sister Blanchard.  

Elder Mounts (R) from Florida
with his companion, Elder Jackson.  

Elder Patterson (L) from Utah
with his companion, Elder Parson. 

Welcome to the California Riverside Mission!