Sunday, November 20, 2016

Not So New as They Used to Be

About three weeks after a new group of missionaries arrives
they get together for Trainer/Trainee meeting.  It's a 
time to work with both new missionaries and their companions to
see that all is going well.  But before the meeting 
starts, there's an opportunity for the  missionaries who
 arrived together but have now been all over the mission
to compare notes and catch up.  Time for fruit and juice, yogurt
and the favorite, Sister Schubert's rolls with butter and honey.  

Even after only three weeks it's amazing how much has happened
and how much these new missionaries and new trainers have learned.  

President Mullen greets Elder Willis with an abrazo.

After visiting, everyone comes together to study their
scriptures for a bit, a chance to get centered and 
draw upon the Spirit before the meeting starts.  

Once the meeting started we didn't take pictures, but we thought
the families of the new missionaries might like to see them
in their new element.