Sunday, November 6, 2016

There's No Place Like Zone (Conference)!

When President and Sister Mullen went to the most recent 
Mission Presidents' Seminar they learned that the number of zone 
conferences and interviews will now double.  
Zone conferences will be held every six weeks rather
than every three months.  The same will be true for interviews.  
Sister Mullen had better catch up fast or she will soon be doubly behind.  
So, without much fuss here are the photos 
from the most recent zone conference.  

Zone Photos



Saying "Thank You!" to those who
prepared lunch.  

Singing our appreciation also.  

Fun photos!

A selfie always draws a crowd...

which invariably gets bigger!

Down to Business

In addition to group photos, fun photos, selfies and lunch, 
zone conferences really are about learning to do the work.

Reviewing the Area Books. 

Members who came to help the elders and sister
practice talking with others while contacting
on the street. 

This family has a son/brother serving a mission.
They all came to help with the practice.

Elder Sy and Elder Young role play. 

Getting ready for testimony meeting.