Sunday, May 14, 2017

March MLC 2017

While a lot of attention goes to important things
at MLC, occasionally it's hard not to notice the things
the don't mean much.  Clearly, the fashion 
memo went out and was observed by most those who
attended this MLC.

The pink tie memo, grey suit memo. 

The tan shoe memo (with one hold-out). 

The navy suit group. 

 The grey suit group. 

The black suit group. 

 Elder Whiting wore the lone brown suit.  
A true independent!

Sisters obviously had no memo today.  

The great thing was that at the end of a long day they were
all still smiling!  (That is Elder Fairbanks's smile.)

We had a great day.  We appreciate the example, counsel, 
and dedication of these mission leaders.