Sunday, May 14, 2017

Out Like a Lion -- Multizone Conferences in March

With the new schedule announced in January, 
multi-zone conferences now take place every six weeks.  
It's wonderful to have twice the opportunities to 
meet with, hear from and learn from the elders and sisters.  

Corona Zone

Lake Elsinor Zone

 Mt. Rubidoux

 Menifee Zone

Moreno Valley

 LaSierra Zone

 Jurupa Zone

 Riverside Zone

 Hemet Zone

 San Jacinto Zone

Members provide many kind services for missionaries.  
They feed them nightly in their homes
go out on team-ups with them, help them move all
their things from one place to another on transfer days.  
One of the nicest things are the luncheons they do during
zone conferences. Each zone conference we leave the gym 
at about 11 AM andgo to the chapel.  When we return
an hour later, tables are set, food appears and missionaries
take a welcome break and enjoy lunch together.  We're so
grateful for the kind sisters and brothers who serve
the elders and sisters so well in this way.   

Seconds or...


Here is only one of the groups who worked together
to provide lunch for us. 

To say "thank you", the missionaries recite "The Standard of Truth"
and then sing "The Armies of Helaman."  After the song, 
each missionary shakes the hand of each person who helped
with lunch to thank them personally.