Monday, February 15, 2016

First New Missionaries of 2016

January 19 the first group of new missionaries for 2016 arrived.

Sisters Bedingfield, Rodriguez and Banks

Elders Gallagher and Braunstadter

New missionaries always mark their home on either the 
United States or the world maps.
Sister Banks, Elder Gallagher, and Elder Braunstader. 

Missionaries from many places!

The new elders and sisters had been up since 2:00 a.m.!  They
were still smiling though.   We had a quick lunch before 
training began. 

Getting acquainted.  

Dueling cameras.  Everyone in the mission has a camera.  We
often find ourselves taking pictures of someone who is taking
pictures of us! 

It was a small group that gathered for the companion assignment
and testimony meeting.



Senior missionaries keeping us anchored on the back row!
Elder and Sister Just in front, Elder Hall,
Sister and Elder Puskas. 

Just before the meeting began... Pres. Mullen, Elder Mock,
and Elder Westenskow.  

New Companions

Sister Banks (R) from Texas and her companion, Sister Lineback

Sister Bedingfield (R) from Utah and her companion, Sister Cozzens

Elder Braunstadter (R) from Nevada and his companion, 
Elder Murphy

Elder Gallagher (L) from Mississippi and his companion, Elder Beck

Sister Rodriguez (R) from Texas and her companion, Sister Blanchard.

Welcome to the California Riverside Mission!