Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mission Conference with Elder James J Hamula

January began with a memorable visit from Elder James J. Hamula and Sister Joyce Hamula.
Half the mission gathered on Friday, January 8th to hear his instruction.  
The other half of the mission met on Monday, January 11th.


Elder Hamula taught that we must have laser like focus on the 
purpose of our missionary service.  He reminded us that 
at the end of this life all will be brought back to stand before our 
Father in Heaven.  There will be no question about who will 
come.  We will all be there. The question will be who will be able 
to stay in His presence.  God loves his children.  
He wants all of them to stay.  To do this each must repent and be 
baptized.  Our responsibility is to take that message to all,
to help them understand that the way is provided through
the atonement and that the power to perform valid ordinances
is again on the earth.  

Between morning and afternoon meetings each day, stake Relief Societies provided lunch.
It's quite a feat to feed half the mission at a time!  We really appreciated the
service of the brothers and sisters who helped to prepare and serve the meals.

On Monday evening, at Elder Hamula's request, the full time senior missionaries
gathered at the mission home for dinner and Family Home Evening. 

The conference concluded on Tuesday with Elder Hamula instructing
the Mission Leadership Council.  The elders and sisters reviewed
the teachings from the conference that had had the greatest
impact on them.  Elder Hamula gave further teaching, 
highlighting what he had learned during the conference. 
It was a remarkable few days.  Many missionaries have 
spoken about what they learned.  We are grateful to 
Elder and Sister Hamula for their visit.