Monday, August 15, 2016

July 2016 Mission Leadership Council

Most things in the mission run on a six week cycle.  MLC
is once a month, so if it seems that you just saw pictures
from MLC you're probably right!

Thought it might be fun to show what happens AFTER the 
meetings.  As the purpose of the blog is pictures, pictures, 
pictures, here they are!

This is Elder Mayo who serves as an office elder.  He sets up
everything needed for the meeting, and it's 
a lot of tables and equipment!

This photo shows the cupcakes Sister Just makes for those
who get their reports in on time.  Elder Wood looks at 
the treats, but would not take one unless it were his.  

President Mullen on the other hand found a way
to wrangle a cupcake.  Where there's chocolate there's a way!

Taking materials back to the zone.

Just enjoying each other.