Monday, August 15, 2016

The Great Twenty-eight

After dropping off twenty-five missionaries to return home
we picked up twenty-eight more.  An abundance of blessings!

The new missionaries put their pins in the mission's maps to 
show their home states and countries then gathered for lunch.

After lunch, the elders and sisters
began an afternoon of training and interviews.
Here they listening to Elder and Sister Hall,
the housing coordinators.


After orientation was finished it was time for dinner. 

It took almost eighty pounds of potatoes to 
prepare the potato bar for dinner, along with
twenty pounds of homemade chili, two 
quarts of cheese sauce and lots of butter!

Huge green salads balanced out the 
"less healthy but delicious" bacon bits
and sour cream.  

After dinner everyone gathered in the chapel... 
Fifty-six missionaries, one third of the mission, a beautiful sight.  
After introductions, the new elders and sisters shared 
their first testimonies in the mission field.  One after
another they came to the stand to share pure testimony.  
This is a wonderful group of missionaries, 
committed to their missions and the Lord. 
Following testimonies, the missionaries met the 
elders and sisters who would be their first companions 
here in the California Riverside Mission.   

Met the New Missionaries

Elder Spencer (R) from Utah 
with his companion, Elder Moyers. 

Elder Day (L) from Colorado
with his companion, Elder Battaglia. 

Elder Medearis (L) from Oregon
with his companion, Elder Knight.

Elder Avei (L) from Utah
with his companion, Elder Pennington.

Elder Thompson (L) from Missouri
with his companion, Elder Hagler.  

Elder Yang (L) from China
with his companion, Elder Warren. 

Sister Padilla (L) from Nevada
with her companion, Sister Emerson. 

Elder Watson (L) from North Carolina 
with his companion, Elder Walker. 

Elder Lewis (R) from Missouri
with his companion Elder Doi. 

Elder Beal (L) from Iowa
with his companion, Elder Gibson. 

Elder Tobiasson (L) from Utah
with his companion, Elder Manson.

Elder Haltli (L) from Utah
with his companion, Elder Cornia.

Elder McCracken (R) from Utah
with his companion, Elder Langley.

Sister Ford (R) from Florida
with her companion, Sister Pielstick.

Elder Hale (L) from Alaska
with his companion, Elder Brinkerhoff.  

Elder Rose (L) from Utah
with his companion, Elder Jewkes. 

Elder Frisby (R) from Utah 
with his companion, Elder Porter.  

Elder Hofer (R) from Utah
with his companion, Elder Smith.

Elder Sorensen (R) from Nevada
with his companion Elder Olsen. 

Elder Cox (R) from Utah
with his companion, Elder Simpson.

Elder Holyoak (R) from Utah
with his companion, Elder Fairbanks. 

Elder Holloway (L) from Utah
with his companion, Elder Thacker. 

Elder McKee (L) from Idaho
with his companion, Elder Page.

Elder Balls (L) from Idaho
with his companion Elder Mercado. 

Sister Chandler (L) from Arkansas
with her companion, Sister Madrid. 

We missed three companionships during pictures.  We'll
work to make that up in a coming post.  Until then,
here are the other three new missionaries.  

Elder Hallows from Utah.
His companion is Elder Cressman.

Sister Rowe from Tennessee. 
Her companion is Sister Visick. 

Elder Steed from Utah. 
His companion is Elder Noyes.