Monday, August 15, 2016

Three Were New & Then They Were Two!

On June 21st three new missionaries arrived. 
They were small in number, but had enough
excitement for six missionaries!

It was such a small group we had a hard
time cooking for them!  We kept wanting
to prepare more than was needed!

The senior missionaries outnumbered the young missionaries,
even counting in the trainers.

 It was fun to get acquainted with these two elders and sister.  
Each has unique talents yet similar commitment to the work.
Elder Heward is at the far right of this picture. 

Elder Cousineau is second from the right, Elder Heward on the 
far right of this picture.  

Elder and Sister Hubbard, who had arrived the day before, came
to orientation to learn what the young missionaries were learning. 
They are to Pres. Mullen's left.   

Sister Birch is center in this picture.  With only one sister missionary
and one sister trainer, they didn't have to wait and wonder 
about who their companion would be.

Elder Cook and Elder Mayo getting one of the new bikes ready.
Take a look at this shiny red bicycle.  No one knew it yet, but
it was about to become an important part in this story.  

The gathering for the first testimony meeting was a pretty small, 
maybe "select" is a better word... a pretty select group.  

The Hubbards, Sister Birch on the left, Sister McGuire on the right.

After meeting everyone knew who their new companion was.

Sister Birch (R) from Utah
and her companion, Sister McGuire. 

Elder Cousineau (right) from Wisconsin 
with his companion, Elder Pennington.  

Elder Heward (right) from Wyoming
with his companion, Elder Larsen. 

There were lots of photos taken with new companions,
then everyone was ready to head out.    

It's  as though Elder Pennington and Elder Cousineau were looking
into the future in this picture... and not very far into the future.

Remember that shiny red bicycle?  It belonged to Elder Cousineau.
Three days after this picture, while riding that bike, Elder Cousineau crashed
into a large power pole and broke his clavicle.  He had to go home
to let it heal!  We wish him the best and know he'll be back soon.
(Actually, we really do know he'll be back so soon.  This blog post is
so late that last Friday Elder Cousineau was declared healed by
his doctor and will soon be returning to the mission.  Huzzah!)